July 14, 2020: Covid  Chronicles...Well, what can I say?  This has been one wacky Spring into Summer.  I was just thinking the other day that I might actually get to see all the changes of seasons in one place this year, something that I haven't done in...I don't know, 30 years? As with all our musical friends, this time has meant loads of time at home, or wherever one has found themselves, Prior to this, I had been saying how I'd love to have about a year off.  Well, be careful what one wishes for, right? Ever one to look on the bright side (ha), I've been using the time to work on loads of songs, a new record or two (details later), lots of home projects, mowing the grass about every two minutes it seems, and learning to cook a few things I'd always wanted to.  And lots of videoing - I'll be a dab hand at that for certain, and am actually learning some video editing software as well. But as nice and relaxing as all that is, I miss performing for folks and am really looking forward to the day when I, and all my fellow compatriots, can get back to doing just that. Until then, check back here for updates as I'll be doing a few more online concerts and would love to see as many of you 'there' as possible.  Stay safe and wear that mask!  JD